Two women from the Brazilian Amazon, two stories. One broke with the dependency relations imposed by the logging militias. The other raised her voice against agribusiness and mining expanding into the forest. Now they are set to die. Their daily lives are a picture of the resistance of so many Amazonian rural workers and riverside inhabitants, people who need the standing forest to survive.

Director: Thaís Borges

Thaís Borges has a degree in Social Communication from the University of Brasilia. Studied Documentary, Screenplay and Editing at the International School of Film and TV in Cuba. The Remaining Time is her first feature film. Previously, she produced and directed Doctv Calins - with a prize from Rumos, from Itaú Cultural - and the shorts O chão que eu piso - made with funds from the DF's Culture Support Fund - and El rey del pueblo - the latter screened in the festivals of Havana, Entertodos and Cinesul. In addition to acting as a writer and director in audiovisual projects, Thaís is an independent journalist and managing partner of Puksar Filmes.

73 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Thaís Borges
Cinematography: Mayangdi Inzaulgarat
Editing: Marília Clara Albuquerque, Thaís Borges e Alê Paiva;
Producer: Puksar Filmes
Nominations: Best Newcomer 2020