Unusual Brothers - Wolves and Livestock Guardian Dogs

The return of the wolf is accompanied by the comeback of an old, almost forgotten companion of man: the livestock guardian dog. Two unusual brothers with different roles in European landscapes – but vital partners for a new understanding of wilderness.

Director: Heribert Schöller

Heribert Schöller studied biology and began his career in research and in lecturing, part of the time in the Natural History Museum Senckenberg in Frankfurt a. M. In 1999 he went to Hessischen Rundfunk and worked there as author and cameraman for a wildlife and environmental magazine. From 2002 he completed the series "On the Tracks of Nature". In 2004 he founded corvusFilm, and has since produced wildlife and scientific films above all for ARTE, as well as internationally for Studio Hamburg. At present he is working on "The Vulnerable Skin of the Earth", as part of an international research project on climatic changes in the arid regions of the earth.

44 Min.
Director: Heribert Schöller
Script: Heribert Schöller
Cinematography: Heribert Schöller
Editing: Mücke Hano, Chiara Monte
Music: Hannes Gill
Narrator: Gergana Muskalla
Editor: Ralf Fronz (MDR), Patricia Vasapollo (HR), Jana Mudrich (BR)
Producer: Heribert Schöller (corvusFilm)
Website URL: www.corvusfilm.de