Wild Shetland - Scotland Vikings Frontier

Ewan McGregor narrates a captivating portrait of wild Shetland - the remote islands at the northerly limits of Britain - and traces the course of a breeding season from the depths of winter to high summer as the animals on the islands battle for survival.

Director: Nigel Pope

Nigel is a well-known producer of Natural History Programmes, winner of BAFTA and Wildscreen Panda awards and internationally renowned as the Creator of Big Cat Diary, Highlands – Scotland’s Wild Heart and Hebrides – Islands on the Edge. He’s well known for outstanding visual imagery combined with powerful storytelling and intense dramatic narratives.

Director: Jackie Savery

With a formal academic background in Natural History as a conservation biologist, Jackie has a host of natural history expertise and experience working directly with scientists and so truly understands the biology and detail of her film subjects.
Moving into film making Jackie trained at the world renowned BBC Natural History unit and was a key part of the creative team for the award winning Springwatch and Autumnwatch formats alongside a host of blue chip and presenter led wildlife films. She then went on to work extensively on wildlife formats specifically for children whilst raising her own young children. She left the BBC to set up Maramedia in 2008 and has worked as a producer / director on the award winning blue chip series: Hebrides, Highlands – Scotland’s Wild Heart, Hotel Armadillo, Wild Way of the Vikings, Wild Shetland and as an executive producer on Maramedia obs-doc landmark – Born to be Wild.

United Kingdom
60 Min.
Director: Nigel Pope, Jackie Savery
Script: Jackie Savery, Nigel Pope
Editing: Pete Barden
Music: Fraser Purdie
Narrator: Ewan McGregor
Producer: Maramedia
Nominations: Nordic Nature Film Award 2020
Website URL: maramedia.co.uk