Das Geheimnis der Miesmuschelbank

As beautiful as the Baltic Sea appears to us from the shore, we imagine its depths to be dreary and dark. But this impression can be deceptive. In fact, it is only a quiet scratching of the surface. For just a few meters from the shore of Eckernförde's Baltic Sea beach hides an impressive habitat - the mussel bank. Between the many mussels, colorful thread snails graze, shore crabs fight and starfish hunt.

Dieser Film wird im Kurzfilmprogramm und im Kurzfilmprogramm für Kids gezeigt

Director: Philipp Hoy

Philipp Hoy, who grew up in Eckernförde, was fascinated by everything that happened under the below the surface of the water. From an early age, he took a mask and a snorkel to the Eckernförde Baltic Sea beach under the magnifying glass. At the age of 15, Philipp learned to dive and since then he has been and since then he has spent every free minute with his camera in the Baltic Sea. This was followed by "Unter der Mole" and "Kalmare vor der Haustür", his first short films about the underwater world of the underwater world of the Eckernförde Bay. In his current short film "Das Geheimnis der Miesmuschelbank" Philipp takes the viewer on a journey to the takes the viewer on a journey into the surprisingly colorful and wild world on and in a mussel bank. The 23-year-old diving instructor and research diver is now studying biosciences in Rostock.

10 Min.
Director: Philipp Hoy
Script: Philipp Hoy
Cinematography: Philipp Hoy
Editing: Philipp Hoy
Narrator: Joke Lisann Messmer
Awards: Audience Award Best Short Film 2021
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2021,
Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2021