Der Karawankenbär

Auf den Spuren eines Grenzgängers

Since the turn of the millennium, more and more brown bears are seized by the desire to migrate and they move from the Slovenian south to the alpine north of the border triangle Italy-Slovenia-Austria. The documentary accompanies a young male on his migration through a little known alpine region. Besides involuntary clashes with civilization, his journey also brings a new view of the entire ecosystem, because the bear is considered a "flagship species", it is a guarantor of biodiversity.

This film will be shown only online as part of "one film - one day".

Director: Eva Gressel

Austria Slovenia Italy
52 Min.
Director: Eva Gressel
Script: Eva Gressel
Cinematography: Dietrich Heller, Johannes Pötscher, Marc Graf, Christine Sonvilla
Editing: Lukas Kogler
Music: Erwin Kienast
Narrator: Otto Clemens
Editor: ORF, ZDF, ARTE
Producer: Filmproduktion
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