The Sharks of Hawaii

The Hawaiian archipelago is a natural paradise - born of fire and lava, it has risen from the Pacific Ocean over millions of years. Today, these volcanic islands reach up to ten kilometers high from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean - and thus far above the surface of the sea.

Director: Kevin Bachar

52 Min.
Director: Kevin Bachar
Script: Kevin Bachar
Cinematography: Paul Atkins, ASC; Cullen Kamisugi; Alex Werjefelt
Editing: Daniel Kwiatkowski, John Sanvidge
Music: Mark Davis
Narrator: Otto Clemens
Editor: EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Ivo Filatsch, Sabine Holzer
Producer: Eine Produktion von TERRA MATER FACTUAL STUDIOS in Koproduktion mit PANGOLIN PRODUCTIONS, INC. und THIRTEEN PRODUCTIONS LLC in Zusammenarbeit mit PBS, CPB und WNET
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2021
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