The Wittness is a Whale

Illegal whaling led to a dramatic decline in stocks. This film embarks on a search for clues and presents astonishing revelations.


The ocean is a gigantic network in which every animal depends on others. At the center of this network are so-called keystone species. Whales are probably the most important. If we humans take too many of them from the ocean, this leads to irreparable gaps in the food supply.

Director: Cheryl Dean

Director: Nick Dean

52 Min.
Director: Cheryl Dean, Nick Dean
Script: Mark Fletcher
Cinematography: Cheryl Dean, Nick Dean
Editing: Mark Fletcher, Christian Stoppacher
Music: Barnaby Taylor
Narrator: Otto Clemens, Peter Faerber, Susanne Rossouw
Editor: Executive Producer: Sabine Holzer Martin Mészáros
Producer: Eine Koproduktion von Spindrift Images Mark Fletcher Productions und Terra Mater Factual Studios
Awards: GREEN REPORT 2021
Nominations: GREEN REPORT 2021
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