Wild und Wunderbar - Chinas unbekannte Natur

China's wildlife has much more to offer than the world-famous giant panda: Terra Mater discovers China's unknown natural treasures. The animal world of China is as diverse as the natural areas of the huge country: Whether in the Tibetan highlands, the Gobi desert, the karst and swamp landscapes, the coasts and jungle regions or the rivers - everywhere you encounter unique animal species that have adapted perfectly to the special living conditions

52 Min.
Script: Mark Fletcher
Cinematography: Jacky Poon, ZhiNong Xi, YiShou Sun, SiYang Liu, Ming Zhang, YongGang Wang, Lei Dong, Yi Zheng Yan Qiao, YuanQi Wu Mo Chen
Editing: Mark Fletcher
Music: Barnaby Taylor
Narrator: Otto Clemens
Editor: Executive Producers: Andrea Gastgeb, Sabine Holzer
Producer: Eine Koproduktion von Terra Mater Factual Studios Mark Fletcher Productions und Colorful Nature Films
Website URL: https://www.terramater.at/productions/rare-survivors-chinas-iconic-wildlife/