Wilde Heimkehrer

They are among the rarest animals in the world: lynxes, European minks, terrapins and gopher tortoises. They all once disappeared from Germany. In an attempt to fill German nature with life again, they are now to return. The film follows them on their exciting journey to their new home. For those who are now reclaiming their old habitat, it is a long and dangerous road.

Director: Alexander Sommer

Alexander Sommer has been working in wildlife filmmaking since 2008. After studying visual communication, he specialized in filming animals at the renowned production company Light & Shadow - initially mainly in Latin America.

Since 2011 he has been working as a freelance cameraman for various national and international wildlife film productions.

In addition to camera work, Alexander gained experience on the authoring, directing and producing side while realizing self-produced educational films for biology classes in schools.

Since the beginning of the lynx reintroduction in the Palatinate Forest, he has accompanied their return on film. This is how the idea for his first own television production "Wilde Heimkehrer" was born. For this, together with cameraman Philipp Klein, he relied on the use of high-quality 4K camera traps. In his work as a writer and director, Alexander attaches great importance to dramaturgical storytelling and a visual closeness to the animal protagonists.

50 Min.
Director: Alexander Sommer
Script: Alexander Sommer
Cinematography: Alexander Sommer, Philipp Klein
Editing: Karen Kretzschmar
Music: Sebastian Schmidt
Narrator: Melanie Pukaß
Editor: Ralf Quibeldey, NDR, Ralf Fronz, MDR / ARTE, Claudia Schwab, SWR
Producer: Tom Synnatzschke (Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm)
Awards: Best Newcomer 2021
Nominations: Best Newcomer 2021
Website URL: www.doclights.de