Das geheime Leben der Rothirsche

Often seen as the ’King of Europe’s forests`, the legendary Red Deer has been portrayed as a hormone-crazed, roaring stag, fighting for females in the autumn. What it does for the rest of the year is mostly overlooked.

Director: Dr. Axel Gebauer

Born in Döbeln (Saxonia) Axel wanted to be a zoo director at the age of 12 – and succeeded. After graduating in biology the zoologist became director of the Tierpark Görlitz. He accompanied expeditions to India, Russia, China and Antartica. He published dozens of scientific articles about the wildlife in Antarctica, Tibet and Germany. Since 1975 he is on tour with his camera and made his hobby his profession. Since 2011 Axel works as freelance wildlife photographer and film maker for “Wildes Deutschland – Die Lausitz”, “Der Große Kaukasus”, “North America’s Natural Wonders – Saguaro National Park” and others.

Director: Dr. Axel Gebauer
Script: Axel Gebauer
Cinematography: Axel Gebauer, Jan Noack, Lennert Piltz
Editing: Katrin Dücker-Eckloff
Music: Oliver Heuss
Narrator: Michael Lott
Editor: Thorge Thomsen, NDR; Ralf Fronz, MDR; Andrea Gastgeb, TERRA MATER
Producer: Britta Kiesewetter (Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm)
Website URL: www.doclights.de