Der kleine Held vom Hamsterfeld

Field hamsters lead a life of secrecy. A hamster year is short and full of dangers. A female has six months to raise her offspring and prepare herself for hibernation. The camera observes this heroic struggle in the field and in the burrow at close range. The animals with the hamster cheeks have become rare. They have to fend off many natural enemies. At the same time, they are under pressure from industrial agriculture and habitat loss.

Director: Uwe Müller

44 Min.
Director: Uwe Müller
Script: Uwe Müller
Cinematography: Uwe Müller, Julian Kolb
Editing: Mirco Tribanek
Music: Jörg Magnus Pfeil
Narrator: Hans Henrik Wöhler
Editor: Ralf Fronz (MDR), jana Mudrich (BR), Patricia Vasapollo (HR)
Producer: Capricornum Film im Auftrag des MDR
Nominations: Best Score 2021,
Heinz Sielmann Film Award 2021
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