Nach dem Eis

Was passiert mit der Arktis?

Climate change in the Arctic has been worrying people for several years. In the far north, however, the melting ice is associated with great hopes. Here, coveted mineral resources are being uncovered that promise the Inuit a better life. But international corporations and self-proclaimed partner powers like China also have their eyes on the treasures of the Arctic.

Director: Marvin Entholt

Director: Peter Bardehle

Hamburg filmmaker Peter Bardehle is the founder and owner of VIDICOM Media GmbH. After a traineeship at the Henri Nannen School of Journalism, he worked as an editor in Munich (Bayerischer Rundfunk), in Mainz (ZDF) and in Hamburg (SAT.1). He studied politics and economics in Munich and worked in New York at the UN, where he also wrote his doctoral thesis on UN peacekeeping forces.
Peter Bardehle realizes and produces high-quality documentaries and documentaries that tell topics from science, history and culture with the help of strong people. His film works have been translated into over 30 languages and broadcast worldwide. For his work, he has received the Strasbourg Prize of the Hamburg F.V.S Foundation, a John J. McCloy Fellowship from the American Council on Germany, the RIAS TV Prize, and the Ludwig Boelkow Prize from EADS.
Inspired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Poliza, Peter Bardehle discovered the potential of high-quality aerial photography with the Cineflex camera. He heli-directed several TV documentary series that sold worldwide. After the success of "The North Sea from Above" with over 200,000 viewers in 2011, more documentaries were released by him, including "Rheingold", "The Alps - Our Mountains", "Baltic Sea from Above", "Athos"). In 2020 he released a docudrama about the straightening of the Rhine with actor Steffen Schroeder and a two-parter about the competition of cathedral builders in the Romanesque and Gothic periods. Most recently, Peter Bardehle filmed Triumph and Tragedy of the Concorde and the special life story of the South Tyrolean adventurer Robert Peroni in East Greenland.

53 Min.
Director: Marvin Entholt, Peter Bardehle
Script: Peter Bardehle
Cinematography: Tom Bresinsky, Karl Roeder, Fabio Catalano, Luftbilder: Aningaag Rosing Carlsen
Editing: Konrad Buschke, Vincent Jackson
Music: Anselme Pau, Nils Kacirek
Narrator: Josef Tratnik
Editor: Türkan Schirmer, Martin Pieper (Arte)
Producer: Peter Bardehle (Vidicom Media, Title Entertainment)