Brasiliens geheimnisvolle Wasserwelt

Pantanal is Brazilian and means swamp. As simple as the name is, as spectacular is the largest swamp area on earth in the heart of South America. This million-year-old landscape is crisscrossed by rivers, lakes and flooded areas. A refuge for jaguars, giant otters, hyacinth macaws, anteaters and many other familiar and mysterious animals and plants. The dynamics of flood and dry season create a unique mosaic of rivers, lakes, gallery forests and pampas. 

Director: Almut Hauschild

Germany Brazil
50 Min.
Director: Almut Hauschild
Script: Christoph und Almut Hauschild
Cinematography: Christoph Hauschild
Editing: Klaus Müller
Music: Oliver Heuss
Narrator: Stefan Kaminski
Editor: Tom Synnatzschke/ doclights, Ralf Quibeldey/ NDR, Klaus Kunde-Neimöth/ WDR, Gernot Lercher/ ORF
Producer: coraxfilm GmbH
Nominations: Heinz Sielmann Film Award 2021
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