Portugal - Wild Land on the Edge

The film takes the viewer on a fantastic journey through an adventurous Portugal - its mainland, its sea and its islands. Earth, water, air and fire, Portugal's natural and animal world tries to live and survive in the constant tug of its elements. The documentary follows animals in a variety of habitats as they make their uncertain way toward the horizon. Almost as if the conquerors, seafarers and explorers of days long past were their role models.

Director: Gernot Lercher

51 Min.
Director: Gernot Lercher
Script: Gernot Lercher
Cinematography: Humberto Ramos, Nuno Sá
Editing: Raimund Sivetz
Music: Kurt Adametz
Narrator: Otto Clemens (ger. Version), Andrew Solomon (engl. Version)
Editor: ORF Universum
Producer: Roman Landauer (Skyland Productions)
Website URL: www.skyland.at