Pumas - Legenden der Anden: Geburt

In Patagonia, far in the south of Chile and in the midst of the rugged mountain range of the Andes, hides a very special place. The conditions here are harsh - incessant winds whip the barren plateaus, the summers are short, the winters long and deprived. And yet Torres del Paine National Park is a paradise for pumas.

Director: Beverly Joubert

Director: Dereck Joubert

50 Min.
Director: Beverly Joubert, Dereck Joubert
Script: Dereck Joubert
Cinematography: Casey Anderson, Christiaan Munoz Salas
Editing: Candice Odgers
Music: JB Arthur
Narrator: Otto Clemens
Editor: EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Ivo Filatsch, Sabine Holzer
Producer: Eine Produktion von TERRA MATER FACTUAL STUDIOS und WILDLIFE FILMS in Koproduktion mit THIRTEEN PRODUCTIONS LLC DOCLIGHTS/NDR NATURFILM in Zusammenarbeit mit PBS, CPB, Vision Hawk Films, National Geographic Channels
Website URL: https://www.terramater.at/productions/pumas-legends-of-the-ice-mountain/