Rendezvous mit Riesenkraken

Die Geschichte von Ellie

Pacific giant octopuses are the largest octopuses in the world. Florian Graner shows the mysterious life of these mollusks. In the process, he establishes a close relationship with the octopuses. In parallel, he follows the development of the young female in an aquarium. Giant squids are bizarre creatures with a rapid life course: Within only four years they grow up to ten meters; the "aliens" have "brains", are curious and seek contact with another species.

Director: Florian Graner

Florian Graner (1969) studied biology in Zurich and marine biology in Liverpool. 1995 he worked for the association for protection of sea mammal. In that year he was starting his first cooperation with NDR. Since then he shoot countless movies as an under water cameraman

50 Min.
Director: Florian Graner
Script: Florian Graner, Antonia Aust, Bob Friel, Paul Hillman, Steve Lloyd, Simon Riedel
Cinematography: Florian Graner
Editing: Karen Kretzschmar
Music: Martin Lingnau, Ingmar Süberkrüb
Narrator: Anne Moll
Editor: Ralf Quibeldey (NDR), Monika Schäfer (Arte), Gernot Lercher (ORF)
Producer: Doclights/NDR Naturfilm im Auftrag von NDR, Arte und ORF
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