The Caretakers

A journey into the weird, wonderful and truly astonishing lives of the small yet mighty creatures who keep the world turning – beetles. They have been successful for millions of years, yet they’re in serious trouble; what does the future hold for these incredibly important animals, and for us if they disappear?

Director: Tom Hanner

Tom is an award-winning British photographer, filmmaker and Naturalist. From a young age, Tom has been infatuated with the natural world, leading him to study a Masters degree in Marine Biology at the University of Southampton. With an MA in Directing & Producing Science and Natural History from the National Film & Television School, Tom is a highly motivated and
creatively driven wildlife filmmaker with 9 years diving and 2 years self-shooting, self-producing filming experience. His first short film, JICHO, won the ‘Best Documentary’ award at the Studio 7 Independent Film Festival 2020.

United Kingdom
21 Min.
Director: Tom Hanner
Cinematography: Tom Hanner
Editing: Giorgia Zarantonello
Music: Moritz Wanger
Nominations: Best Newcomer 2021