Hannes Jaenicke - Im Einsatz für den Lachs

Im Einsatz für den Lachs

Hannes Jaenicke first visits wild salmon expert Alexandra Morton in the Canadian province of British Columbia. He wants to get to know wild salmon and better understand their way of life and needs. Together with the biologist, he observes the arrival of the fish in their spawning grounds and learns about their long and arduous migration from the Pacific back to the place of their birth.

Director: Judith Adlhoch

Judith Adlhoch
(born 1967 in Munich)

Having grown up in Portugal, she studied drama, history and philosophy in Vienna.
In television broadcasting since 1988, she founded her own production company Tango Film GmbH with her partner, cinematographer Mark Strobel. Development and production of television formats for different broadcasting corporations with a focus on information, nature and travel films. Since 1993 she is producer and presenter of the travel film series Voxtours on channel Vox.
Judith Adlhoch and her travel documentaries have been nominated for and awarded various prizes, e.g. Deutscher Telestar (1996), Silberner Kompass (2003), Goldener Kompass (2004, 2005, 2006), Columbus Sonderpreis (2007).
Engagement in charity: Childrens Aid "Hilfsaktion SOS für Kinder" (VOX, 2004); "Womens World Award" (with Mikhail Gorbachev 2004); since 2005 she is World Vision's ambassador for education, supporting projects in Swaziland, Mali and Ethiopia.
In September 2005 Judith Adlhoch gave birth to Rocco Maria Strobel. Becoming a mother was and still is the most beautiful enrichment of her life.

43 Min.
Director: Judith Adlhoch
Script: Eva Maria Gfirtner, Judith Adlhoch
Cinematography: Marcus Strobel
Editing: Jan-Philipp Stahl
Narrator: Hannes Jaenicke, Judith Adlhoch
Editor: Renate Marel, Susanne Hillmann
Producer: TangoFilm
Website URL: www.tangofilm.de