Kurjenpojan Pitkä matka - A Young Crane`s long Journey

Jouni Hiltunen has filmed Cranes for many years. He decides to once again follow the Crane family's summer in Finland from early spring to the birth of a Crane chick. After the nesting he leaves on a so-called birds road with migrating Cranes, towards Hungary and finally to Israel, to find out if there is a winter paradise for migrating Cranes somewhere. The film about the year of the Cranes and the migration journey expands to a story about the coexistence of man in a rapidly changing world.

Director: Jouni Hiltunen

Finland Estonia Hungary Israel
50 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Jouni Hiltunen
Script: Jouni Hiltunen
Cinematography: Jouni Hiltunen
Editing: Jouni Hiltunen
Music: Simo Helkala
Narrator: Jouni Hiltunen
Editor: Katharsis Films Ltd
Producer: Jouni Hiltunen