planet .: Radio Women From the Rainforest

With Microphone and Recorder Against Exploitation

They fight digitally: Three brave women from Ecuador. With microphone and recorder, they go through the rainforest. Their small radio station becomes a bastion against the exploitation of their homeland. Because the indigenous peoples in the Amazon rainforest are threatened: oil companies are penetrating ever deeper into their habitats. Giving indigenous women a voice: For this, the radio reporters return to their roots. The planet e. team was able to accompany the radio women on their journey into the deep rainforest. 

Director: Siegmund Thies

Siegmund Thies was born in Detmold on May 3, 1956. He studied media education at the University of Münster and began his journalistic career at the Landesfilmdienst in Rhineland-Palatinate. Since the early 90s he has been living and reporting from Latin America with documentaries on socially relevant topics. The cooperation with young media professionals from the Amazon basin are not only his focus in film work, but also in the education and networking of local media activists.

Director: Berndt Welz

Berndt Welz has been producing documentaries worldwide for many years. His focus is on critical and also investigative environmental, climate, agricultural and nature topics. Berndt Welz studied economics in Munich, attended the Burda School of Journalism and worked as a trainee at the Münchner Abendzeitung. He was a member of the editorial team at ProSieben (knowledge formats), deputy editorial director at Süddeutsche TV, chief reporter at Focus TV and editorial director of Wunderwelt Wissen (ProSieben). Since 2011 at the latest, however, he has devoted himself entirely to documentaries, his great passion.

Germany Ecuador
29 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Siegmund Thies, Berndt Welz
Script: Siegmund Thies
Cinematography: Natalie Pusch; Joan Diego Peréz; Siegmund Thies
Editing: Tim Greiner
Narrator: Heiko Grauel
Editor: Volker Angres (ZDF)
Producer: Gilbert Schwab; Thomas Hies (Dokuvista Filmproduktion)
Nominations: GREEN REPORT 2021
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