Terra X: Kielings Wilde Welt -Zurück zur Natur

In Yellowstone National Park, wildlife filmmaker Andreas Kieling explores the question of how an ecosystem changes when humans eradicate a large predator like the wolf. There were no wolves there for about 70 years. 25 years ago, 41 Canadian Timberwolves were reintroduced as an 'emergency measure'. Wildlife biologists have since been studying the impact of wolves on the landscape and its animal inhabitants. A preliminary assessment gives reason for hope.

Director: Frank Gutsche

Director: Thomas Kießling

Germany United States
43 Min.
Director: Frank Gutsche, Thomas Kießling
Script: Gesang Iris, Marx Beate
Cinematography: Andreas Kieling, Frank Gutsche
Editing: Christian R. Timmann, Lisa Lischewsky
Music: Mathias Rehfeldt
Narrator: Constantin von Westphalen
Editor: Tina Weimer, Petra Boden, Renate Marel
Producer: Viking Film