The Otter

A Legend turns back

In Western Europe the otter drastically declined in numbers and even completely disappeared from The Netherlands. This was mainly due to hunting, loss of habitat, pollution and traffic collisions. But the Dutch set the example by investing in their water quality and restoring the habitat of the otter to enable its reintroduction. People now have a chance to spot the otter as it spreads through The Netherlands and even ventures into the heart of a city.

Director: Hilco Jansma

Born in 1979 Hilco Jansma started out as a biologist before deciding to switch careers in 2014. With a GH3 Panasonic camera, a drone borrowed from a friend and with his own money he started out on a one year full time project filming the Noorderplantsoen Park in the Dutch city of Groningen. After another three months of editing he finished his nature documentary on the lives of the moorhens and coots in the park. He wanted to show that nature is right on everyone’s doorstep. The film was nominated for the Best Professional Film award at the Rotterdam Wildlife Film Festival.

52 Min.
Director: Hilco Jansma
Script: Hilco Jansma
Cinematography: Hilco Jansma & Marten Boonstra
Editing: Hilco Jansma
Music: Audio Network and Sebastian Morawietz
Narrator: Alan Miller
Producer: Hilco Jansma Productions
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