ZDFzeit Deutschland und der Klimawandel

Die Fakten von Harald Lesch

Drought, floods, glacier melt: the climate is also changing in Germany. The documentary collects the facts and asks how life in this country will change. Climate researchers have long been calling for committed countermeasures. In the meantime, time is running out. What will happen if we continue as we are? And what measures will help to cope with climate change?

Director: Florian Schneider

Filmmaker Florian Schneider has been working for German television since 1999, including for ARD, ZDF, WDR, ARTE, RTL and Vox. As director and author of documentaries such as "Wir tanken Regenwald - die Lüge vom Ökodiesel" (WDR, 2016), "Kann das Elektroauto die Umwelt retten?" (ARD, 2019 - co-written by Valentin Thurn), "Ich bin besonders - mein Leben mit dem Downsyndrom" (VOX, 2020 - co-written by Sascha Gröhl) and "Deutschland und der Klimawandel - die Fakten von Harald Lesch" (ZDF, 2020), he likes to deal a lot with social, sustainability and environmental issues.
Born in Cologne in 1975, his professional career includes studies in politics, modern history and theater, film and television studies at the University of Cologne, as well as training as an editor at DuMont Verlag. Florian Schneider has lived in the U.S. and speaks fluent English. He has work experience in Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Lithuania, U.S.A., Cuba and Canada.

Director: Daniel Koschera

Freelance TV writer, reporter, realizer, producer.
Main focus: (Foreign) reportage, documentary, magazine.
Mainly human interest, consumer, social, environment.

43 Min.
Director: Florian Schneider, Daniel Koschera
Script: Florian Schneider und Matthias Ebel
Cinematography: Uwe Irnsinger
Editor: ZDFzeit Redaktion Zeitgeschehen Heike Schnaar/Carmen Peter/Caroline Reiher
Producer: M.E. Works, Köln
Nominations: Best Science Film 2021
Website URL: http:/ZDF.de