Youth education and advancement of youth

GREEN SCREEN is committed and contributes since the beginning on a strong contribution to the education of youth.

"Only what you know, you´ll try to protect" - the GREEN SCREEN youth development follows this guiding principle. Because the preservation of the species in an intact environment can only be achieved if we provide young people not only the beauty of our nature, but also the danger of their growing destruction.

Wether with the youth nature film camp, youth film award, School program or school cinema week - GREEN SCREEN endeavors a lot, to show the youngest the beauty of our nature all around the world.

Youth Film Camp

During summer vacation, GREEN SCREEN offers adolescents between 12 and 18 years of age the possibility of attending the popular five day youth film camp in the wilderness park Eekholt near Hamburg. Under professional guidance by Heinz Sielmann's former cinematographer Dieter Hoese and with the help of media educators, the young participants learn about the ups and downs of wildlife filmmaking, for example how to achieve good pictures despite heavy rainfall and bad lighting conditions.

The young filmmakers learn first hand just how much hard work lies in the making of a movie, but of course the main focus is on the fun in creating a film and on learning that a good film depends on good teamwork. Additionally, the staff of the nature education centre provides important background information about the different plant and animal species. The often impressive results of the workshop are screened and discussed with attending professionals during "filmmaker consultation hours" at the festival.

Youth Film Award

Whether with a 90 second clip, a homemade video with your film AG, or under the guidance of the Eekholt youth nature film camp - there is no limit to your imagination, join with your home made nature film in one of the many competition for the various youth film awards.