Children's program


Sun, 11.09. ab from 10:00 a.m., different locations

Together with Kiel.Region, GREEN SCREEN has put together a great open air program for families. Documentaries and animal films will be shown on a large LED screen. Hannah Emde, protagonist of the NDR series Hannah goes Wild is expected on the outdoor stage. The film Naturwunder Gemüsegarten will be shown at Kleines Kino im Grünen, followed by a discovery tour of the garden! On that day, the Youth Film Award will also be presented by a professional jury honouring films made by young talents - who will take first place in the two categories?

The following films are perfect for families and kids:




Small Green Cinema

Sun., 11.09., 10:00 a.m., Umweltinformationszentrum (UIZ), 4,- €

Viewed through a camera lens, a vegetable garden looks like a jungle. Under this green canopy there are lots of wild animals. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the inhabitants of a vegetable jungle! Experience with us the big and small adventures of these animals. With their unbelievable tricks and exciting habits, they help us every day to harvest fresh delicious vegetables and enjoy the magical scent of flowers. What surprised you most in this film? Which of these animals did you recognize? After the film, we go hunting together for clues together at the UmweltInfoZentrum where we discuss and share the impact of the GREEN SCREEN film. No tickets 

 NoTickets required for accompanying persons.

Naturwunder Gemüsegarten - Die große Welt der kleinen Tiere

It is a pantry, a love nest and sometimes a battlefield. We are talking about an ordinary vegetable garden, where insects, spiders and mollusks find a refuge because the gardener does not use insecticides. With its unique images, this German-French nature film is a plea for more biodiversity on our own doorstep.


Sun, 11.09.2022, 11:15 a.m., Stadthallenvorplatz, Entrance free

Hannah Emde is a veterinarian passionate about species conservation. Working in the most remote areas, she wants to inspire people to appreciate nature’s beauty through her stories and experiences. She explains the importance of biodiversity and succeeds in communicating complex issues.

42 - Die Antwort auf fast alles: WIEVIEL WIEGT DAS LEBEN?

Sun., 11.09.2022, 01:15 p.m., Stadthallenvorplatz, Entrance free


A rhinoceros weighs three tons. A fly weighs five milligrams, and we humans weigh around 80 kilograms. But what is the weight of all living things combined? A film by Antonia Lilly Schanze (25 min). Screening in German.



42 - Die Antwort auf fast alles: WAS WENN ES KEINEN SCHLEIM GÄBE?

Sun., 11.09.2022, 03:15 p.m, Stadthallenvorplatz, Entrance free


There are three habitats on our planet: Water, air and earth. But some researchers claim that there is a fourth, and that is slime! A film by Alexander Lahl und Max Mönch (22 min). Screening in German.




Sun., 11.09.2022, 05:15 p.m., Stadthallenvorplatz, Entrance free


Hannah meets one of Africa‘s most experienced elephant trackers: Hendrick from Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA). Together with volunteers from all over the world, they build water wells for the elephants far away from villages. A film by Anna Maria Behrends (18 min).