Children's program


Sun, 10.09. ab from 10:00 a.m., different locations

Together with the KielRegion, GREEN SCREEN has once again put together an exciting open air program for families. There are documentaries and animal films to marvel at on a large LED screen on the Stadthallen forecourt. Two films will be shown in the Small Cinema in the Green, followed by a tour of the squirrel sanctuary, where there is much to discover! The Youth Film Awards, selected by a professional jury, will also be presented on this day - who will take first place in the two categories?

The following films are perfect for families and kids:

Small Green Cinema

Sun., 10.09.2023, from 10:00 a.m., Umweltinformationszentrum (UIZ), 4,- €

Viewed through a camera lens, a vegetable garden looks like a jungle. Under this green canopy there are lots of wild animals. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the inhabitants of a vegetable jungle! Experience with us the big and small adventures of these animals. With their unbelievable tricks and exciting habits, they help us every day to harvest fresh delicious vegetables and enjoy the magical scent of flowers. What surprised you most in this film? Which of these animals did you recognize? After the film, we go hunting together for clues together at the UmweltInfoZentrum where we discuss and share the impact of the GREEN SCREEN film. No tickets 

 NoTickets required for accompanying persons.

Storms Welt schmilzt - Die Arktis und das Klima

Sun., 10.09.2023, 10:00 a.m., Umweltinformationszentrum (UIZ), 4,- €

Storm (12 years old), lives in Spitsbergen and shows his everyday life in snow and ice in the film. Is his life really so different from life here in Eckernförde? What would you like to show others in a film about your own everyday life? We will find out in a moderated film discussion.

Anna und die wilde Hilde - Im Sturzflug

Sun., 10.09.2023, 12:00 noon, Umweltinformationszentrum (UIZ), 4,- €

Anna was there when a baby seal was delivered to the Friedrichskoog Seal Sanctuary. In this film she follows how the baby, named Wilde Hilde, and other seals and grey seals live in the station. She also visits the deep-sea island of Helgoland. After the film, they go on an excursion to the squirrel sanctuary. It is explained how the small foundlings are introduced to life alone in the wild - and to what extent it succeeds with the squirrels.


Sun, 10.09.2023, 11:15 a.m., Stadthallenvorplatz, Entrance free

How do bats actually live and how exactly does the fern grow? These and other exciting questions are answered in various short films from Die Sendung mit der Maus and Die Sendung mit dem Elefanten. Films by Jens Hamann.


Sun., 10.09.2023, 01:15 p.m., Stadthallenvorplatz, Entrance free

It is small, very small, only 3 mm in size and shimmers like a jewel. With a lot of luck, we discover it on the Hallig Nordstrandischmoor when the Hallig lilac blooms there in June, a plant around which the beetle's life cycle revolves. It goes along with storm surges, landfall, snow and ice and shows among other things how resistant the tiny larvae and pupae of the beetle become.

A film by Joachim Hinz (19 min).




Gestatten! Familie Erdmännchen

Sun., 10.09.2023, 03:15 p.m, Stadthallenvorplatz, Entrance free

This is the story of some very special meerkats. For them, a completely new life begins. They were rescued from illegal wildlife trafficking, nurtured and finally released. A road full of dangers lies ahead of them.

A film from WDR (45 min).




Meet & greet mit KIKA-Moderator Tim Gailus (Timster): Dem Tierfilmer auf der Spur

Sun., 10.09.2023, 05:15 p.m., Stadthallenvorplatz, Entrance free

Tim Gailus is a presenter on the Kinderkanal. His KiKA show Team Timster is about the Internet, games, books, movies - and how it's all done. On Kids Day, Tim ventures with you on the trail of animal films. How is an animal film made? What tricks do the film professionals use? Look forward to tips, tricks, surprises and a look behind the scenes. (And of course there will be autographs afterwards!).