GREEN SCREEN looks for the wildlife movie star

Enter now the GREEN SCREEN Youth Film Award! Donated by Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Areas Schleswig-Holstein and the Wildlife Park Eekholt.

Pick up the camcorder, grab the mobile phone, digital camera, produced alone, with your friends, or your school a nature film and participate on the CAMäleon GREEN Clip Award of the Heinz Sielmann Foundation..

Whether a short clip or with a film project: win great prizes with your nature film at the largest wildlife film festival in Germany. Your film or clip is viewed by an international expert panel of judges and if it receives a nomination, presented at the International Wildlife Filmfestival GREEN SCREEN in Eckernförde. Professional filmmakers will be present, they´ll let you know more gimmicks and tricks and draw out the winning film. We are looking forward to your film.

1. Category

1. Category „Wildlife Documentary“ - Films about nature and animals and/or humans and enviroment

  • Film length up to  15 minutes
  • Juveniles up to  18 years

Co-operation partner

2. Category

„CAMäleon Green Clip“ – Social Media-capable Clips about sustainability and enviroment

  • Film length up to 90 seconds
  • Juveniles up to 21 years

Sponsor and Supporter