UHD Special -The Secret of the Little Tern Seabird of the Inland Lake


Datum: 13.09.2019

Ort: Ratssaal der Stadt Eckernförde

Uhrzeit: 14:00 Uhr

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How can the Little Tern, a seabird, survive in an inland lake after its shore habitat is destroyed? Using remote cameras, we captured in 4k resolution its behavior from mating, nesting and parenting to kidnapping chicks from neighboring nests. By the way, the little terns faced many dangers. Natural predator, the eagle owl, killed off the chicks that couldn't fly. Localized heavy rainfall caused the sand island to flood and submerge it. However, the chicks made a dramatic escape and lived on.

Regisseur: Dong-Man Shin

Since Dong-Man SHIN joined KBS in 1991, he has been specializing in nature and environmental documentaries, and is a renowned wildlife documentary director in Korea. Director Shin has been concerned about the endangered wild animals in Korea and his works capture the behaviors of endangered animals, playing a leading role in spreading the awareness on wildlife protection.

Regisseur: Sang-Seop Yeom

Republik Korea
56 Min.
UT: Englisch
Regisseur: Dong-Man Shin, Sang-Seop Yeom
Autor: Dong-Man Shin
Kamera: Dong-Man Shin, Sang-Seop Yeom, Woo-Kyeong Lee
Schnitt: Jong-In Park, Soo-Kyeong Kim
Musik: Hyeong-Jin Kim
Sprecher: Richard Kim
Redaktion: KBS1
Produktion: Sung-Bae Sohn(KBS)
Webseite URL: http://vod.kbs.co.kr/index.html?source=episode&sname=vod&stype=vod&program_code=T2018-0391&program_id=PS-2018094274-01-000&section_code=05&broadcast_complete_yn=N&local_station_code=00