A Note for Nature


A Note for Nature is a celebration of wild Ireland and a call to arms. Over an hour we meet some remarkable people dedicating their lives to protect Ireland’s disappearing nature. And through music from the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and stunning location performances from stellar musicians, we feature some of Ireland’s most fragile wild places and the beleaguered animals that, somehow, manage to survive there.

Regie: Cepa Giblin

Cepa Giblin is an Emmy nominated documentary film maker who has worked with Crossing the Line since 2005. She has produced documentaries for numerous international broadcasters including BBC, PBS, ORF, France TV and RTÉ. Cepa was producer of On a River in Ireland Crossing the line’s internationally acclaimed documentary on the River Shannon which was nominated for 3 Emmys and winner of the two highest accolades for wildlife films in the industry – the Golden Panda & the Grand Teton. Career highlights would include a Grierson Award in 2017 for directing Wild Ireland – The Edge of the World, Jackson Hole winning film Broken Tail and IFTA winning series Wild Cities. Cepa has also produced and directed science and nature based programming for children as well as travel and historical documentaries. She is a graduate of Environmental Science and her interests have always been in nature, wildlife and conservation.

50 Min.
Regie: Cepa Giblin
Buch: Cepa Giblin
Kamera: Michael O'Donovan, Eleanor Bowman, Domenico Pontillo, Matt Kirrane, John Murray, Brian O'Leary, Peter Clyne, George Karbus(Underwater)
Schnitt: Paul Mullen
Musik: RTÉ Concert Orchestra, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Iarla Ó'Lionáird, Christy Moore, This is How We Fly, Tolü Makay, Alannah Thornburgh,Niamh O'Regan, Clare Sands&Susan O'Neill,
Redaktion: RTÉ
Produktion: Crossing the Line Productions
Nominierungen: Beste Musik 2023
Webseite URL: www.ctlfilms.com