Les oiseaux de nuit


At the border between science-fiction and documentary, “Sleepless Birds” tracks the rise of artificially-lit, industrial greenhouses in the French region of Bretagne. The film presents the environmental impact of grow lights on biodiversity, as well as on our rhythm and perception of time. In examining the case of agricultural light pollution, the film also raises questions about the unintended consequences of human attempts to overpower nature and control the elements.

Regie: Dana Melaver

Regie: Tom Claudon

45 Min.
UT: Englisch
Regie: Dana Melaver, Tom Claudon
Buch: Dana Melaver, Tom Claudon
Kamera: Dana Melaver, Tom Claudon
Schnitt: Dana Melaver, Tom Claudon
Musik: Lukas Sweetwood
Produktion: Pangolin Doxx Films
Nominierungen: Bester Newcomer 2023
Webseite URL: https://www.pangolin-doxx.com/filme/sleepless-birds/?lang=en