Tuulte Tahutud Maa


The Wind Sculpted Land is a visually enchanting debut feature documentary by Joosep Matjus that takes us on a thoughtful journey through Estonia's unique, vast and wondrous nature.The primeval landscapes, together with their wild inhabitants and thousands of migrating birds, are opened before the viewer's eyes. No single feature has turned up here randomly, but all have been carefully sculpted in spite of the battle between premordial forces and the inhabitants of this place.

Regisseur: Joosep Matjus

Joosep Matjus (1984) is an Estonian director and cinematographer, specialized in nature films. He is the most celebrated new generation nature filmmaker in Estonia. He studied film in the Baltic Film and Media school and graduated it with a Master's degree in 2009. Joosep has filmed nature on expeditions to Scandinavia, Russia, Canadian Arctica and in the United States.

Estland Deutschland
63 Min.
UT: Englisch
Regisseur: Joosep Matjus
Autor: Joosep Matjus, Rein Kuresoo, Atte Henriksson
Kamera: Joosep Matjus, Atte Henriksson, Jan Henriksson
Schnitt: Katri Rannastu
Musik: EETER
Sprecher: Hannes Kaljujärv
Produktion: Wildkino OÜ. Co - producer Marco Polo Film AG, Germany.
Nominierungen: Nordischer Naturfilmpreis 2019
Webseite URL: http://wildkino.ee/en